Are certain basses better for tapping than others in general?

I find that most of the music I play has a fair amount of tapping and as I was looking to upgrade basses soon, I wanted one that could handle tapping best, I need a five string, so that of course will play into it.

i don't think any certain brands would be much different, for me having lower action makes it much easier to tap
I doubt the brand itself matters so much as the action. I have a buddy whos a fair bit better bassist than I am (but i primarily stick with the gitfiddle so its okay) and he can tap all up and down the neck of my thunderbird, however, i can't, cuz the action is too high for me, and im far too lazy to fix it. Now I've sat and played his warwick corvette, and i can tap on that fine, but the action is like... a hair's width or so off the neck, ridiculously low. when your trying out basses, dont worry about brands, just start pickin up some five strings at your local shop, play around on em till you find one you like.
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i think any bass would be okay for tapping as long as it is properly set up.

it might also help to get a lower gauge of strings.
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