I need all Pinback supporters in the UG community to step up! I've looked around and all I found was 1 thread for arguably the greatest indie band of all time? We need to support the band fully and spread they're name around the world so that others can be moved by the harmonic Guitar-Bass combo. So while i wait for you supporters to come out of the shadow Ill share the the story of the First time I herd Pinback and I hope YOU will do the same.

Its was a cold day here in Sweden about two years ago as my friends and I were chillaxing around. I was bored with music and even guitar for that matter at the time. It seemed that all of my favorite bands stopped creating and started copying. I was hopeless. I was down because without music i am nothing. So my friend said to me 'listen to this' and he shoves his headphones into my ears and presses 'play'. All of a sudden my ears began to tingle to a strange riff. Once, Twice, then the drums...and the bass. There was something unusual about the bass guitar but i couldn't figure out what. Then the lyrics, I couldn't understand at first but it didn't matter i knew he was singing. Then my world stopped when the chorus decided to pour into my head. It all came together and I kid you not, i shed a tear... The song was called NoN- Photo blue and from that day on I became a preacher of their lyrics, a slave to their sounds and a devoted fan.
I love pinback. I picked up the guitar cuz of them. I think we should try to figure out their tabs more on here. Some of the tabs here on some of the songs are incorrect.