I'm thinking of starting a band but I'm not sure at all if I'm good enough to play in one... All I know is pentatonic scales in various keys, and the major scales! I can write some killer riffs, but I don't mean to come across as arrogant by saying that. Let's just say I can write riffs. I love playing rhythm or lead, with lots of bends and stuff like that.

I know a great bassist and excellent drummer, but I'm so unsure if I'm like, you know, SKILLED enough to be in a band. To be honest, I really admire a lot of guitarists on UG here. I just don't know if I should start a band. One thing for certain is, I can write some good lyrics. Check out my Deviantart for some poetry/stories stuff, /shameful advertising .

Advice is greatly appreciated.

One more thing, how much skill does a guitarist need to be in a band? That's what I'm really questioning myself on.


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It does depend on the genre but I was in a band after a year of playing. If you really doubt your skills, get another guitarist to play lead and you can play rythm.

I have been playing for 2 years and 1 month right now. I've been with my older brother, who is a very seasoned guitarist, and I've jammed with him a lot and he sort of teaches me.

I want to play a lot of blues, hard rock, and some heavy metal if that helps. Mostly the blues, specifically. I like playing rhythm or lead, both I can function adequately. I'm better at soloing, but I guess being a rhythm guitarist will help my rhythm because it kind of sucks

Would a recording of my playing be helpful?


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get a noob to join ur band so everybody else knows their better than someone XD
Your good enough to play in a band. Thier isn't a task force assigned to killing musicians that aren't at a certain level. If you think you can make music, then go make some music.
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Skill comes with time and practice, and there are skills you're only going to learn by playing with other people. I'm always intimidated when playing with musicians who are"better" than me, but I always try to look at it as a way for me to learn and improve my own playing. Ultimately the other musicians decide if I'm skilled enough to continue playing with me, or to show me the door. If you really love to play, than go for it.
Learning to just 'play' is one thing, anyone can learn to play on their own, either by practicing in their bedrooms or whatever or by seeking out someone to teach them, but learning to play 'within a band' is another thing altogether.
So how do you learn to play in a band? By putting one together or joining one and gaining experience of course.
You wanna be a gigging musician, you need to put the practice in playing with a band, which means you need to be in a band in the first place.

See what I'm sayin'? In order to be good enough to play in a band, you need to play in a band to become good enough.
Everyone has to start somewhere so get yourself a bunch of guys together and play.

I won't lie to you, your first few bands will more than likely fail, people will come and go, you may fall out with people ect ect. Hey, it's happened to all of us.
It's gonna be a hard slog but you'll get there eventualy, and eventualy you'll also have all the confidence in your abilities that you need to be an integral part of a great working band.
It just takes time and perseverence to gain the experience needed, but in order to learn to swim, one must jump in the water at some point.
Yes you are good enough. Listen to early Hawkwind if you ever doubt that. Then listen to early Pink Floyd.
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