A pic of Andrew Stockdale's pedalboard from wolfmother. Some one snapped a pic of it the other day while they were playing as White Feather. Some are obvious, but if you know any, just post it anyway.

I already see a Fulltone Wah and a Whammy 4.

EDIT: And a Small Stone phase, and some sort of Xotic Boost, AC Booster any one?

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electro harmonix micro synthesizer, ehx small stone, an i think i see a boss pedal tuner
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yeah that just about nails all of them, thats an AC or RC booster, i cant remember

and all the buttons in the front are the loop buttons...like to activate or turn off 2 or more pedals at once

edit: and a radial tonebone, plus the voodoo labs pedal power
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Those banana yellow boxes might be MXR Distortion+ with mods, but I'm not sure, I've never seen a four knob yellow box pedal like that.
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^Those are the Xotic AC Boosters, not RC.

And that ToneBone pedal is actually a JX-2 (Amp Switcher).

There's also a Fulltone Supa-Trem tremolo.

He also occasionally uses an MXR Super Comp.

That's to complete the list out if any one ends up searching for Wolfmother's gear.