Looking for a fuzz pedal to nail hendrix tone on purple haze and voodoo chile. What can you recommend?? Am I better off with a multi effects pedal
well if you want the exact tone then a hendrix fuzz face will do the job nicely. but that'll cost a packet...
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You need to remember one important thing. You won't nail any hendrix tone by just buying one pedal even if its one of the original line fuzz faces. There are way to many variables to nail the tone i mean remember tone is in the fingers a lot too.

That said, you can get some pretty good results with the octavia (purple haze) and the fuzz face on voodoo chile, although i hear hendrix used to sometimes run more than one fuzz at once.. (again , more variables) not to mention those old fuzz faces used to have different tones in different batches of them..