what scales does eddie van halen use?
besides minor pentatonic
oh and also if there are any modes that he uses that would be helpful
Quote by beatleguitar03
what scales does eddie van halen use?
besides minor pentatonic
oh and also if there are any modes that he uses that would be helpful

eddie didnt use theory at all
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Quote by GangsterLi
eddie didnt use theory at all

Well, not intentionally if that's what you're trying to say.
If I want to get an Eddie sound I ussually use Dorian, it's minor but has a happy feel to it. Nice for van Halen riffs.
For solo's he was just wanking around and pulling of to empty strings at random.
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I remember a lesson from Guitar One a few years back that talked about an "EVH scale," which is just this:


It's not really a scale, unless you wanted to say that it's an artificial scale which has different tonalities in different octaves, and scales like that do exist. EVH certainly wasn't thinking about that, though.
Playing like Eddie involves a lot more than a scale.
There's a lot of "outside-the-box" techniques and note choices that are vital to his playing style.
Listen to Alan Holdsworth--Eddie has mentioned him as being a major influence on his playing, once saying he was "the best in my book".
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Eddie was all about pentatonic/blues scales and a lot of his fast runs were built on simple symmetrical fingering patterns like the "scale" that Holy Katana posted up there. He might play that in E, and he might also play a shape like 11-12-14 across every string in E as well.

Of course, this stuff is just a tiny speck of his technique, his sound is far more about the way in which he used these notes, but knowing this can be a nice springboard to some Eddie licks.
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Eddie van halen definitely knows his ****. To be honest there are hardly ANY VH solo's that feature ONLY minor pentatonic, or even songs.

He uses so much substitution's and modulations and chormatics.

Take The Jump solo for instance; The solo is a modulation to the rest of the song, and he follows the bass (implied harmony) just right.

Running with the devil = also modulating WITHIN the solo and song itself.

The intro lick of hot for teacher = 4 bars long or something and features 3 different scale ideas. Following the chords in a non standard fashion.

You have to work with chord tones, if ur the only guitarist, and you don't have any other instruments that play major harmonic roles (like a 2nd guitarplayer or synthplayer), cause else ur solo's won't stand out much.

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EVH was taught piano lessons. He knew theory. He wouldn't say he did though, because knowing theory is so uncool. It's WAYYY cooler to say you play with em0shunz and C0Ka1ne. Seriously, I wouldn't trust the words of a 70's/80's guitarist. If they say they know theory, they actually don't. If they say they don't know theory, chances are they do.

To T/S
Wank some pentatonics. Instant Eddie sound. No, you don't need any other scale apart from pentatonics (with accidentals or major scale knowledge ofcourse) to solo.
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