What's the difference? I've heard them used interchangeably and heard people say there's a difference but never exactly what it is.
Apparently not- the BYOC tri boost has modes for both CB and LPB.
There is no difference in the basic concept.

Essentially, every amplitude based stompbox has one fundamental function: to add gain to a signal. What makes some pedals "better" or "worse" than others is the circuitry inside.

Example: The Boss DS-1 sounds different than a tubescreamer, which in turn sounds different than the DOD 250 Overdrive. They all do the same thing, but each one has is own character.
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The linear power boost is an EHX effect pedal. The BYOC boost has a switch for it because it changes the circuit to be close to a LPB.
The LPB is a clean boost up to a point and then starts getting some of its own overdrive. A regular clean boost just adds volume.
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