Hey guys, I got asked to prom by this girl. Anyways, she's pretty cool and we're gonna have this whole retro look. She's lookin for her dress and **** cause she says she has a specific style she wants. Well I was wondering, does anyone know where I can find a tuxedo/suit that is like 1930s mob style? I looked it up on google, but nothing of interest comes up. I want it to be like Al Pacino and they fellas from the godfather. I'm gonna get a fedora and suspenders, just need ideas on pants, shoes, shirt and jacket. Help me out, puhlease.
but ill tell you a prom story

i really didnt want to go to this ****ty one last year and a friend told me a girl i didnt like was gonna invite me when i next saw her. So i didnt go out except for school for three weeks!
thats how cool i am!

yeah ok im a bastrad but im going to the year 13 one so its all good
You could always go into a shop that sells suits and etc and ask them about the style?
All you need a fedora and a heavy Italian accent.

"Heya Jimmy, checka outa my fedora! Isa gots it ata walmarta for the cheapa!"
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White tux. Black and purple striped tie.

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I only came in this thread cos I thought the title was "porn outfit"


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