I just joined a band that plays anything from chili peppers to hendrix to pantera, as the lead guitarist. while the extent of my leads is a bit of randy rhoads/van halen stuff and the blues, i recently realized i don't know a ton of songs, i focus more on my improvisation. i'm 15, and the band i joined is full of 17 and 18 year olds. having only had one practice so far, they don't know the extent of my abilities. but,
what songs are pretty much required to know for those genres? like songs everyone should know.
i already know,
Voodoo Child, Purple Haze, Sunshine of your Love, Communication Breakdown, Stairway, Rock n'Roll, Sweet Child o'Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Civil War, Slither, under the bridge, number of the beast, master of puppets and enter sandman. am i missing anything, or is there some blatantly obvious song they might expect me to know? thanks guys
Do they write their owns songs? Just learn the songs from them or find out what songs they are going to play. If you are better at writing your own stuff maybe look into a band that doesn't just do covers.
oh they write tons of music. but were just spending a month jamming and playing covers until were tight. then were going to write an album and record, actually. they already have like 9 originals too that i need to learn.
Crazy Train is a good one to know.

Nope I think you've got most of it covered, you could whip out Eruption though.
Oh ok, well I would just ask them what cover songs they are planning on doing and then learn those.
oh yeah, i know crazy train too, complete with the solo. i'm nowhere near eruption though.
Not bad but learn:
Highway Star-Deep Purple
Cowboys from Hell-Pantera
Give it away-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Schools Out-Alice Cooper
Highway to Hell-ACDC
Walk thsi Way-Aerosmith
Paranoid-Black Sabbath
Don't fear the Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult
More then a Feeling-Boston
Search and Destroy-Iggy Pop
Detroit Rock City-KISS
Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin
Hair of the Dog-Nazereth
Smells like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
Jeremy-Pearl Jam
Another Brick in the Wall-Pink Floyd
Californication-Red Hot Chili peppers
Alive-Pearl Jam
Baba O'Riely-The Who
Every male guitarist has to know Stairway, or one of the other classic Zeppelin ballads (my favorite being Ten Years Gone, simply for the girls.
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Must know songs (a.k.a. worn out classics)...

Crazy Train
Iron Man, Paranoid, Sweet Leaf
Sweet Home Alabama
You Shook Me All Night Long, Highway To Hell
Rock n' Roll
Livin' After Midnight
Old Time Rock n' Roll
Talk Dirty To Me

I hate to say that I've had to play these songs for WAY TOO LONG!!!