i'm looking to buy a guitar because all of my friends are guitar fanatics and i love when they teach me easy stuff and i would like to learn more. but i'm stuck on what to buy i'm into playing the distorted stuff heavy music like avenged sevenfold to guns n roses,
Which guitar sort would be best for me ?(like the best make? or the best model?) , a beginner so not a very expensive guitar.
Also what about an amp for this sort of music? once again not something really expensive.
any advice would be great, or anything u wish u new before u bought ur first guitar.
much appriciated Sam.
if all your friends are guitarists why not look into a bass or even a drum kit? but i spose thats none of my business XD

anyway... epiphone les paul jrs go for about 89 pounds brand new and they are an excellent guitars, good enough for keeping your whole career and for amps ... roland cube, marshall mg, peavey vypyr and a line 6 spider III are the main beginner amps. line 6 spider III is probably best for your money as it has a lot of effects but roland cube / marshall mg has the best sounds
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Guitars. Look at Cort and Ibanez
Amps. Roland Cube range or Peavey Vypyr range. Depends on budget but those'll be your best options.
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What exactly is your budget? I would look into Ibanez guitars, and also Agile guitars at rondomusic.com if your looking for a G n R sound. You want to spend the most amp of money on you amp, because that's where most of your tone comes from.
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well as i'm a beginner i was hoping not to spend alot maybe about 200 then when i get goof upgrade and buy better equipment.
check out Agile les pauls at rondomusic.com or a starter Ibanez
for amps check out the Peavey Vypyr or a Roland Cube
edit: id suggest guitar and amp
the guitar's a bit expensive but it will last you longer than most starter and many mid range guitars
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Guitar: Pretty much anything over $100 from this site
Amp: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Crate-Flexwave-Series-FW15-15W-1x8-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=481054">this
And some things I wish I knew: don't get a guitar with a standard floating tremolo, they go out of tune wayyy too easily. Get one with a Floyd Rose if you really want a whammy bar. And don't get a guitar with 3 single coil pickups if your going to play heavy music
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For an amp, either get a Roland Cube, or a Peavey Vypr.

A Line 6 Spider III has a very brown, muddy tone, so all it's good for is the clean channel and the metal & insane channels. No rock music with this amp.

A Fender Frontman will not do any rock, any metal, or any punk. It does light distortion and cleans. That's it. Also, they aren't as durable as the 2 amps that I mentioned.

MGs, while a lot better than Frontmans and Spider IIIs, don't sound as good as the Vypr or the Rolande Cube. The Marshall definitely has a bit more punch than any of the amps I listed but the tone and sound quality lack a little bit. However, the tone is definitely good enough, unlike the brown sound of the Spider or the lack of distortion of the Frontman.

Tone-wise, the Vypr sounds the best. The Roland also has good tone and smooth distortion. Get one of these two; if this is not possible get the MG.
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Take your guitary friends shopping with you? They probably already know most of the guitar shops in your area and if they're into the same sort of music as you they'll probably be able to point you in the right direction
Rondomusic.com will get you going in the right direction for guitars.
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i disagree with whoever recommended marshall MGs, IMO theyre horrible. and Line 6 spiders.

i recommend roland cube. if your not willing to splash out too much caash

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