I just got a new Ibanez ART300. I love it so far and it has much better metal tone that my Strat. Anyway, The 2nd fret was buzzing when I played on the 1st fret so I adjusted the bridge to get them to stop. Now the action seems to high on the higher frets (towards the body of the guitar). Then again, my strat looks similar but that doesn't mean much since its never been professionally set up. Here are the measurements I took:

E e

1st fret 1mm- .5mm-

6th fret 2mm- 1mm+

12th fret 3mm- 2mm

14th fret 3mm 2mm

20th fret 3.5mm- 2.5mm

- is a little shy of the measurement, + a little more.

I can already see that the e string is lower than the E string. But it seems that the action is too high over the higher frets, but to get them lower means fret buzz. Should I mess with the truss rod, take it back and have it looked at or is this normal?
Adjust the bridge, sounds like the e side is lower then the E side if ya get me?
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^ It should be lower, it's a thinner string.
Those measurments all seem fine, maybe a tad high for an electric, but still do-able. Check your fretboard relief. Clamp a capo on at the 1st fret position then fret the last fret nearest the body of the guitar. Check the clearance under both the high E and low E strings in the center of the straight edge the double fretted strings make. It's an easy of making a perfect straight edge with which to make this measurment. You should have just a tiny gap under the strings in the middle area of the neck. If all the frets are touching the strings, then you need more relief. You can get it by loosening the truss rod slightly, about 1/4 turn counterclockwise. NO MORE! Then let the guitar rest overnight so the neck can settle into it's new position and recheck.
I am not comfortable adjusting the truss rod myself. Besides, I bought it a few days ago and Guitar Center should do it. They said it was set up at the factory, but with the humidity and elevation changes I am guessing the neck might have adjusted itself.
Yeah you're probably right. Take it back to the shop and get them to set it up.
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