Myself and Professor Fate finished prototyping a fuzz-factory on his breadboard the other day. Unfortunately, (or Fortunately, your call), we picked up radio signals as soon as it was plugged in. we've checked if everything was grounded and such, and couldnt find any problems. Anyone else occured this while building a fuzz factory?
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Mine does that occasionally, as well as my friends Metal Muff.

it happens
wrap the thing in tin foil. im not kidding. that should shield it from raido signals
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its got a setting called radio fuzz and that might be the setting you have on so it might be picking up the radio, but thats cool. can i hear an mp3 of it?

no, radio fuzz is a sound thats used to emulate the kind of fuzzy, Lo-Fi sound of an AM radio.

thats what I hear in it anyway.
sometimes whne you breadboard and got all those wires and components hanging all over the place you can potentially pick up radio signals. it's should go away when you box it up since the enclosure should isolate it enough.
No normal on some setting to pick up radio. i find with mine it happens when i have the comp low. Crazy pedal but awesome tones.
I always ground back to a metal enclosure while bread boarding. From doing this I never have problems with RF interference.

A small cap (100pF) tied to the input can also help get rid of HF/RF interference.
this happens to my dunlop wah pedal all the time and my amp whenever the settings are just right( which happens to be my favorite distortion setting)
Happens to my EHX Metal Muff a lot. It's almost always this Christian AM radio channel.
my crybaby picks it up when its either completely open or closed, cant remember which. it bugs me but ive come to live with it since no solution has seemed to appear
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Happens to my EHX Metal Muff a lot. It's almost always this Christian AM radio channel.

DUDE thats JUST like my frie-

oh wait.