ok I've got a Crate GT212(I know don't rip me I was young and foolish, 250 quid for a 120 watt amp was a good deal, I didn't know anything about tone at this time(I was like 13/14)) haha but yea I went to a band prac with it the other week and had it on essentially full volume, and since then it started randomly losing volume, I was wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be?

I already googled but found nothing, and also does anyone have any idea how much it'd cost to repair it?

it will cost alot to repair it........
check the fuse and wires.....

but if you want to buy a new amp give me your budget and the genres you play and i can recommend you a good amp
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checked the fuse(its fine - no power cut, just huge volume loss, then it'll kick back in a bit later)

I'd probably have about 500 quid but play tons of classic rock stuff(journey, acdc stuff like that) so I'd want a marshall for epic distortion haha)

saying that, I've got no money whatsoever at the moment so any amp recommendations would be good.

like I said mostly I play classic rock, but I play crazy acoustic stuff(so a decent clean channel would be good) and occasionally metal(but not often so a crazy distortion channel isn't really a neccesity...)


EDIT: also from what I can see the wires are fine, so no idea, I opened it up and had a look and used contact cleaner on stuff hoping it'd work but nothing.
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You might have blown something up playing it at full volume. In that case you might have to get a new one?

Check your along your cords though and make sure there's no little tiny hole(s) (maybe a pet chewing on it), and check the ends of the cords to make sure there isn't any cracks from your cord bending. Worth a shot atleast, wouldn't want to go spending money on a new amp and it turns out it was just your cord.
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Could be the speaker too?
Check and see if there are any cracks or tears in it.
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I'm not sure which lead you mean, but I've tried multiple of both(power and guitar) so it can't be that, plus the blown something at full volume, it still goes pretty loud its just after a while I lose volume but I don't know it could be something like that.


edit: to the dude above, would tears in the speaker not make it sound totally wasted? I'll check tomorrow though just to make sure... but when it does actually work it sounds as it normally did.
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