i've had a dean ml for about a year now and i love the guitar, but a couple of people have recommended putting in different pickups instead of the zebras that are in there.

i play a lot of blues based stuff when im in overdrive and a lot of open chord progressions when im in clean,

please leave opinions on dean overall out of the conv becuase i know on ug deans are highly disputed.

just a reccomendation on whether to keep the pickups or switch to something else.
If you like the pickups you have now keep them never EVER worry about what other people say about your guitar if you like it keep it the way it is.
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i run it through a mg which im planning to upgrade VERY soon becuase i haven't had the money to replace the ****ty mg with something decent.

as for the pickups i can't really say because i do play it through a mg,

but i think they are suitable for what i like to play becuase i like dark warm cleans and sorta like heaven and hell tones on distortion

i know i need the amp upgrade and i have got $160 saved up but i know that if i really want those sounds as a strength in an amp i need a lot more saved up. like maybe $800-$1000 and thats going to take a while

but i was thinking if there were other types of pickups that can handle the tones i want i might, wnat to look into them.
really no point worrying about the pickups until you've got the amp situation sorted.
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ok well then what do you recommend for an amp? i have done a lot of research but i could never really find the "right" amp if you willl,

i was thinking checkin out a peavey valveking i've both played but i didn't like it that much, i could save up for a jcm800 but i haven't played one. any suggestions?