Well.. I have never written a single note out of a piece of paper with lyrics on it... On the other hand... I have never successfully written lyrics to a piece of paper with notes on it...

Do what feels more natural. Sometimes, I reckon that the music comes from the mood of the lyrics and vice versa.
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I usually make my music first because to me, it's alot easier to compose than to make a bunch of words that usually have to rhyme, make sense, and all that. Making music is easy if you follow a scale because it contains certain notes that you have to hit.
i write lyrics easier, but i have to have a guitar in hand in order to get a sense of what i'm writing. then after i finish the lyrics i spend forever trying to figure out a melody and chords to go with it. i'm not exactly very good at guitar, so finding chords that i know is pretty hard.
Music is much easier for me to write. I can't write lyrics with a song in mind either; but, as a consequence, I find it hard to fit them to a song as well.

So yeah, I'm just generally **** with lyrics.
i think its more easier to put the lyrics first..and then the music,.lyrics is like writing a poem..it comes from the heart and soul..
I'm always writing lyrics, but I can write more when there's music. So I always have music playing then write, or if I can't get any music (IE, work...) I just jot some stuff down.
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i believe its easier with the music first..
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i sorta do both at the same time, as well as one way, AND the other.
i think from that iv learnt not to really even worry about what comes first.

i write lots of poetry in my spare time and at school.

often ill come up with a riff, and try some over it, and it will work great.

often, i write a nice song, then play it, and improv sing words over it, and make a song like that, stop starting and writing it down alot.

whatever works, just try it all, well DO it all. they all make diffferent songs.
I've recently "found out" that if I write the lyrics first, then everything turns out great. If I start writing, the rest just unfolds right in front of me.
I've tried writing music first, but then i can't think of any good lyrics to put with the music. Think i will try writing the lyrics first for a while and see if that works better.
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