Recenlty I've been widening my music horizons and I found that I realy liked Sonic Syndicate, who are apparently a Melodic Death Metal band, yet I don't know any other Melodic Death Metal bands.
Could anyone reccomend some more Melodic Death Metal for me, please?
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Children of Bodom, In Flames, the Haunted, At the Gates, Kalmah, Arch Enemy, Norther, Archeon/Made of Hate, Soilwork, thats all i've got off the top of my head. I'll post more if i think of any.

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parkway drive, burning the masses, return from exile uhmm

all shall perish and thats all i got for now
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not really death metal but definitely melodic

For The Fallen Dreams
theyre pretty brutal. and pretty awesome.
dark tranquility?

"melodic death metal" is such a widely used term... ive heard it used to describe everything from really brutal metal with the occasional melodic riff, to oldskool-style, not-particularly-heavy-thrash with death screams
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FFS!Can't believe knowone mentioned DEATH!Chuck Schuldiner Rules!(R.I.P.)Check out the symbolic album!
I wouldnt place sonic syndicate in any genre that has the word death or metal in it.
Dismember's first few,Ares Kingdom and Arghoslent.
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