I have two acoustic guitars with nylon strings and I like
the sound of the steel strings,
So I thought:
"Can I just replace the nylon strings with some new steel strings for acoutic\electric guitar?"

I asked my teacher and he said that there's no problem with that...

Anything to say?
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This is actually a pretty bad idea. Classical guitars are built to withstand the pressure of nylon strings, not steel strings. Average gauge steel strings exert a combined force of around 165 pounds of pressure on the neck and bridge of the guitar. Average gauge nylon strings only exert about 75 pounds. Classical guitars do not have the bridge, neck, or body bracings/reinforcements to handle this amount of pressure. It's a very, very risky gamble to put that kind of pressure on a classical guitar. You could be OK, but you could also snap the neck in half or rip the bridge clean off the guitar. I would strongly advise against putting steel strings on a classical guitar.
I did it before back when I got my first acoustic and didn't know anything about steel strings and nylon strings etc.

It warped the neck a bit, but as said earlier there's a chance it could do even more damage.
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dont do it thats no right ur teacher not that smart its not a good thing its like trying to play a bass guitar in an electric guitar amp