I'm interested in buying a new amp and until recently, I was decided on buying a 6505+ for it's amazing gain. I had gone to my local Guitar Center and tried out the 6505+ head and it had to be the most amazing amp I had ever played.

Today I had been surfing Youtube, looking at reviews on the 6505+ and I came across a video of a guy telling about how he had sold his 6505+ and bought a Bugera 6262 to replace it. He pointed out many interesting things about how the Bugera 6262 has better features and very similar sound quality and gain of the Peavey 6505+.

I honestly am not sure about how much truth there is behind his claims because I have not found the time to go out and try a Bugera 6262. But if what he says is true then I will definitely be buying the Bugera because it is about half the price of the Peavey!

Here is the link to the Youtube video: Click

There is a link underneath the video to the second part.

I know that I will end up having to go play one eventually but if anyone can tell me that this guy has no idea what he's talking about then I wont have to waste my time. Or, if also think that the Bugera is better than the Peavey, make sure to tell me about it.

Thanks in advance
The Bugera is a better deal, but be warned that they are notoriously unreliable. *flameshield from Bugera fanboys*

I'd say if you can afford one, get the Peavey. It's more reliable, and I've heard that the 6505+ also has at least semi-decent cleans.
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Bugera 6262 = copy of the 6505+

Bugera= unreliable and is built by Behringer, can last you for a week or month
Peavey= builds Great amps and can last you for years
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Well, it is pretty much true, the bugera gets around the same hi-gain tone, but goes even farther and I have heard that the bugera has even better cleans then the 6505+
However, Bugeras have been known to totally crap out and break within the first few months of playing with a huge amount of bugera owners.
So you can go for the boog, but try it out first, and have it placed in your mind that you may have to either fix up/upgrade some of its parts either as soon as you buy it, or once it potentially breaks.
I've never heard of a 6505 crapping out though LOL,
Peavey makes bullet-proof gear.

Oh, and remember the rule in life that "Some things are too good to be true"
Theres gotta be a good reason that the 6505 is double the price of the bugera.
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Dude this is from last February... I don't think he's still trying to make this decision...


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