I need you guys to give me some recommendations for some good bass music, or at least audible stuff which is legendary. I don't mean Primus esque stuff, I mean like catchy, funky, that sort of think And, On the other end of the scale, I need some booming loud basslines for rock and metal.
Look up Tool. almost every song by them has an amazing bass line.

also a great bassline is "Only Ash Remains" by Necrophagist.
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Quote by rtfk101
Look up Tool. almost every song by them has an amazing bass line.

also a great bassline is "Only Ash Remains" by Necrophagist.

Thanks. Also, Just like to say, I'm not a a massive fan of slap and pop.
Arctic Monkeys, a lot of their songs are bass driven.
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Sacrifice Theory by AFI and Hysteria by Muse both have epic basslines.

Also try some Rage stuff, like Take The Power Back.
try some death. Scavenger of human sorrow has a great bassline throughout the whole song, that is if you can keep up with it.

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You could merge those two genres together and then learn some primus?

Or you could check out the "I need songs to learn thread" at the topp of the page
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"What's Goin' On" by Marvin Gaye. Bass by the incomparable James Jamerson.
"Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips. Bass by Bob Babbitt.
"Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel. Bass by Tony Levin.
"Something" by the Beatles. Bass by Paul McCartney.
"The Lemon Song" by Led Zeppelin. Bass by John Paul Jones.
"Josie" by Steely Dan. Bass by Chuck Rainey.
"Soul Power" by James Brown. Bass by Bootsy Collins.
"Teen Town" by Weather Report. Fretless bass by Jaco Pastorius.
"What is Hip?" by Tower of Power. Bass by Rocco Prestia.
"Rio" by Duran Duran. Bass by John Taylor.
"YYZ" by Rush. Bass by Geddy Lee.

These are the legends in my book. They may not be metal enough for you, but as a bass player, I can't emphasize taste and technique enough. Just remember that it's not all about speed and virtuosity--a lot of it is choice of notes and the silence in between the notes that makes a memorable bass line breathe. You can find most of these somewhere on YouTube. Find the studio versions of these songs if you can--that way, you can hear the bass lines clearer. Good luck, and let me know if they inspired you.
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