Since everyone says that dean's are **** on here, and the majority love the high end BC RICH does anyone know if the Vs are good. Im prolly gonna go to guitar center and play a deab razorback V and a BC RICH does anyone have an opinion or suggestion about BC RICH V.
screw BC Rich.
Dean FTW!
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screw BC Rich.
Dean FTW!

Most pointless post ever

Anyway the specs on the bc rich look good, original floyd, emg pups, etc. I would at least try it out.
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i will be buying a Deluxe Nj Jr. V soon. ill let you know how it turns out.
You would be better off getting a Jackson King V or Rhoads.


Look at that, it is about the same price as most high end BC rich guitars like the KK Signature.
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stock EMG's 81 and 85, diamond inlays floyd rose trem, its a good guitar...but there are cheaper models of this out if you want....theres a kerry king model for about 400 but dunno if its any good...i just know this guitar is VERY good
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yea that thing is deff sexy hopefully they got it somewhere around here so i can try it out.
I'm pretty sure someone screwed up the pickups or something on the one I played at GC cause it just sounded like mud no matter what settings I changed on the amp I was using and it was not a bad amp.