After 8 months of playing, i am thinking about buying my first multi effect pedal and i landed on the rp350 and the floor pod plus. I read many reviews and watched many videos and i am going to try them out at guitar center pretty soon. They are both $200. Jus want to know which one you guys think is better. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II with an Epiphone Studio10 starter amp.
You'd be better off upgrading your amp. $200 isn't much for a good multi and it won't be that great through a starter amp.
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As soon as the RP355 starts shipping you can get a 20 second looper for the same price as the RP350. Or you could use that $200 for a Vypyr 30. Sell your Epi amp and put that towards the Vypyr Sampera footswitch.