some Black Metal artists use "natural recordings" instead of the single tracks in order to keep the raw feeling in the music... what do you guys think of this?

personnally i think its a great and artistic notion.
keep of kalessin's new album was done like that but it does still sound quite produced

however into the nightside eclipse by emperor is a class album with a very raw sound, not sure if they did it as one sample tho

raw unproduced sound is best
it's their music, they should record it how they think it best suits the sound they want to make
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It really depends on the sub-genre of Black Metal, and their style. Gorgoroth and Immortal are perfect for raw and distorted, while Emperor and Naglfar would be a bit more produced, even though they still retain Black Metal values of distortion and that "rawness". I think if bands like Dimmu used more of that, like they used to with Stormblast and For All Tid, they might get back their reputation.