can anyone out there list to an unknown song and work out the chord structure


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If I understand what you were trying to say, yes.
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ermmm I think i know what you mean generally yes , if its a song by like blink 182 or something then the chord pattern is really obvious and with those sort of bands you can actually work out the song before its over . but harder things like protest the hero and dream theater i couldnt do
Sorry for vague miss spelt question , i`m a new poster to this forum , the reason i ask is i would like to email someone a couple of songs to see if they could wok out the chord structure or not !!!!, f anuones interested my emails .
its indie brit pop stuff from the 90`s . cheers
Surely someones gonna take up the challenge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is the song on the musician's myspace page? Have you tried searching for it in the guitar tabs section? If it isn't there have you put up a tab request?

Why don't you tell us what the song is and who the artist is. Then anyone can try it. If the song isn't on the internet, upload it to and post a link.
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