They're not coming to GA
Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que je mâchais ses yeux
Après avoir crevé par accès de furie
Ta replète panse d'helminthes blancs nourrie,
Trop prompte à déféquer le fruit d'un vit sanieux.
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Well I don't know about solos but how about that Smoke on the Water riff. It's like...impossible.


I'm Jake. I'm a musician, philosopher, and exhibitionist.
not going, but they are probably my favorite "Classic" rock band. My mom played them throughout my childhood, and listening to them helps me to remember her
... For A Pair Of Brown Eyes

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smoke, you get more awesome by the minute..... You have an epic beard, live near woods, listen to metal, grill stuff using makeshift bbqs out of old cans, and now we find out you have stabbed someone in the dick

On the other hand, I AM going to see Lamb Of God and Children of Bodom, and 2 days later Cannibal Corpse

Im going to have to get out the mouthgard for those