yea ive been playing guitar for a long time and ive been practicing like 3h a day for like 5 month, exept this week. this week , i dont know why but i just got bored. ive been playing guitar like always but i dont know why, i'm just bored. I usually play zeppelin, hendrix,eric clapton, aerosmith, metallica, my own composiotion, . . . but dont know im just bored. I learned new song but still, im bored. Anyone already gone through this? anyone got something that could get me some motivation or something?
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Dude, I play for roughly six months now and I dont learn new stuff too often.

I get all excited when I learn a new RIFF. Yeah, a Riff, not a song (;
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Try a different style. All those bands are the same.

this.. you dont need to play for 3hours a day

do it every few days yeah.. but mix it up otherwise it'll become a chore..
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figure out how to get distortion like on Ruiner-NIN
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