the title really gives it away! I recently have acquired a macbook and with it garageband. I never really could do much with audacity that I had earlier, but the effects on this thing are freaking awesome. This song was ground out in 30 minutes. It lasts about 7 minutes, and ran a lot longer then it should've. I recorded the pingpong sounding guitar 1st then the chords, then the voice, then the lead.

One problem is that everything was improv and 1st try. I was going for a really odd feel and I think that this achieves it. I plan on fixing the lead, because I am a terrible soloer and even worse at improvising. Oh yeah, and all the instrument tracks are from an acoustic guitar through a mic. The piece is in my profile.

So tell me what you think, what you liked and didn't and thanks!
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I was expecting something really crap from the way you described it but it was actually pretty good. The spoken word thing kind of reminded me of Third Stone from The Sun by Jimi Hendrix.
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