Hey guys, my sister didn't wanted her keyboard and gave it to me xD... So I was wondering if they any songs you suggest me to play( I never played piano in my life so I considermyself as a beginner) or any lessons that could help me play. I want to play piano because one day I would like to be a music teacher and also mayby it could help me with the chord creations on the guitar.

EDIT: And good site to get FREE piano sheets xD

* Thanks in advance.

** Sorry for any english errors
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What genre are you looking for?
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What genre are you looking for?

Well all genres are good for me because im discovering new styles. But mayby I would like to learn some classical songs like beethoven, Bach, Mozart.....
I find the easiest thing to do on piano is to play a I IV V progression with your left hand and the relative blues scale on your right. It will actually convince people you know what you are doing
The best thing you can do is buy yourself a book that will help you learn the piano. There are very few classical pieces you will be able to learn if you have never played piano.

That said, try learning the "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven. I found a link to the sheet music on a random youtube video of someone playing it, so just look around there.

Oh, it's also very important to you learn to play separate melodies with both hands.