i think i left my tube amp on for like 4 days. is it possible to start a fire, is that dangerous?
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I Doubt it'll start a fire but it can't be good for the amp.
And yes, fire IS dangerous, you should avoid it where ever possible.
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i know fires dangerous i just used a comma in the wrong place
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was it on standby or running completely?

EDIT: to save some time waiting for a reply...if the amp was on standby the tubes and the amp itself wasn't running on full power so there's a better chance that no damage was done. however if the amp was off standby, there's a great chance you've just destroyed your amp. i would inspect it before playing through it again, look at the tubes, hit them with a pencil, make sure there's nothing weird going on with them.

EDIT 2: oh it's a fire you're worried about. well it's hard to tell, do you keep highly flammable objects right next to your amp? if not, then i don't think anything would really happen unless you have a gas leak in your house or something....quick, go check your gas!
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