I'm playing an Epiphone Lp standard through a Bugera 333-212, everything stock. The tone is pretty good, but it is far better when playing chords than individual notes. It seems a bit muddy ect, even with a lot of varied EQing.. I was wondering, how much of an impact do the Epiphone pickups affect the tone? Ive heard some negative things so I was thinking of replacing them with a GFS powerrail in the bridge and Dream 180 in the neck. Will the replacement be good/worth it in terms of cleaning things up a bit? Or should I just be worrying about a whole new guitar all together? I kinda like the Epiphone feel, but I cant afford a Gibson. Ideas?
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I haven't tried those GFS pickups, but a common complaint about the stock epi pickups is that they're muddy... having tried them occasionally, i'd have to agree. upgrading pickups mightn't completely solve your problems, but it should help a bit (if you get good pickups which are aimed at what you want).
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Changing the pick ups is just a quick cheap solution, in the long run you should be thinking about upgrading your guitar to something better.
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I can personally vouch for the PowerRails because I have them in my bridge. They are full of tone (full and nice but aggressive when distorted). They actually sound really singing. TBH i dont know why people like playing Epiphones but whatever, people have their own preferences. I just find the quality in nearly every single epiphone solidbody be completely lacking. I dont know which epi LP you have but the pickup will probably tighten things up a bit. If that still doesnt solve your problem or you dont know how to install the pickups properly, sell the Epi and look for a nice used Gibson or, seeing as you have the 333 so i am gonna assume you play some sort of shred, look at used japanese guitars. just dont make the mistake twice and buy a `nicer` Epiphone because unless it is a semi hollow they just arent worth the money.
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Its not so much that I like Epiphones, i just like the feel on playing on it, and I like the aesthetics. If I sold it, I doubt id get much for it, maybe 300 bucks. Ive been looking at other guitars but i honestly cant decide which is for me. I like the feel and look of fenders, espcially with the HSS setup, but I hear that the tremolo sweep wont be wide enough for dive bomb purposes ect. I play metal/shred type stuff, but I clean it up very frequently and I like sparkly punchy cleans (especially from single coils). Im kind of in a pickle.
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i'm going to assume you're playing with some pretty large amounts of gain judging from your amp, so yea i wouldn't expect stock epi pickups to hold up too well when playing with distorted tones. hell even my gibson sg's stock pickups get muddy when cranking up the gain (it drives me nuts)

a pickup change would help the muddyness if you were to get a higher output pick up, unfortunately that's where my advice ends, i haven't played with any of those pick ups you mentioned
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Yes, my gain on the bugera is usually alittle past halfway on the lead channel, which for the most part, is enough gain for any kind of metal u can really think of. I cant get a shred tone from it though really. It gets too muddy and harsh. Even with the mids up and backing off the treble and stuff. It seems like its the pickups but it may just be the guitar as a whole like everybody implies

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If you needed shred tones, and metal tones and everything in between, look up cort guitars. Uhhh also you could try out Ibanez HSH configured guitars. I havent tried many strats so I cant give an opinion of them but everyone I know who has one has sold every other guitar they have, so i guess they are pretty good. The Corts are cheap and great only if you can find them at your music store.
FS LTD EC-50 with GFS PowerRails Bridge pickup
My Epi LP is a fine guitar, but I would not like it much if it still had the original pick-ups in it. They have been swapped out with Gibson Burstbuckers and it makes a TREMENDOUS difference...smooth, silky, powerful, clear...just like a Gibson LP. I am not familiar with the replacement pickups you've mentioned, so my only advice is to buy the best pickups you can afford. There's no NEED to get a different guitar. IF you get GOOD QUALITY NAME BRAND pick-ups it will be a VAST improvement. Until you decide, you might try adjusting the height of the pick-ups.