I haven't posted anything in a long time, I'm not sure how this one will be taken. I thought it might seem like many things pasted together, so I decided to add "sections" to make it seem clearer.

Anyway, I was trying to get away from my typical guitar harmony stuffs and more towards a three-piece 'rock the heck out' type deal. The 'breakdown' at the end is more for fun than to be serious and what not.

edits: GP4, though I am upset with it. The mix edits are supposed to initiate/end delay
use your imagination I suppose, it doesn't really take away from the song as a whole though
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could you put a gp4 there please? I've got a really old gp5 and it doesn;t update for some reason.

"Intense yet intricate" Scottish melodeath band, who have been reviewed live by Terrorizer, Metalgigs and Valkyrian Music in the past year

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I definitely do not see a brand new influence there

Edit: oh, and epic sig by the way
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AGGHHHHH this song has me going around in circles I don't have time to review it now (College work calls ) but I promise I will return and give a proper crit!