I have searched google and looked on here, so I'm sorry I just don't see an answer to my question. I've been a fluid down stroke picker and I'm still fairly new to the guitar so this is something I want to correct now.

So the question is, if I'm going to be playing a note that is on a higher string than the one I just played, do you then downstroke that string or do you kind of upstroke it as you're going up. So in short, is alternate picking just for playing multiple notes on the same string?

In case its not clear, lets say you're playing the intro to fade to black...


Is it ok or normal to just downstroke all of those, or when you're coming back up the strings, you should upstroke?

if going from a thicker string to thinner, downstroke, if going from thinner string to thicker, upstroke.
Thanks for the responses

It's easier for me to downstroke those because that's what I've learned. However, if it's not proper I just wanted to correct it now .

Thanks again.
But that is stictly not alternate picking. That's economy picking.
Alternate picking is picking in a strictly up-down pattern.
Economy picking is picking the easiest way, or the way that requires the least amount of strain I guess. As in the case of Fade, you'd probably eco-pick, starting down-picking on the A and D string, either up or down on the G (whatever is more comfortable) and then up again on the D, then start down on the A again etc..
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if you can, see about getting Michael Angelo Batio's Speed Kills, it explains in detail the three picking techniques you can use, but alternate is specifically up/down, even if your going from a low string to a high string you would still pick upwards if thats how it comes in the sequence

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Depends on your preference, you can alternate pick (up down on everything no matter whether it's on a higher or lower string) or economy pick (move the pick in the most efficient direction). Generally I think it's recommended to get your alternate picking down before you work on your economy picking though. Hope that helped