I'm interested in getting one, any suggestions from you players out there?
Catalinbread's Semaphore is extremely versatile, tons of features and settings. Expensive though, I think $180 new.
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My friend has a (dare i say it) Boss TR-2, and its pretty decent really, although i don't doubt that there's probably better out there
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I use a TR-2 and it's perfect for what I need it for. What's your budget TS?

I'd recommend the SIB! Treminator, Catalinbread Semaphore Tremolo, Empress Tremolo, and the Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo.


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I bumped because I wanted more, come on, you know how it works. Now, for a budget...maybe $125-130 max.
in that price range, id probably go with the voodoo labs tremolo. or maybe the ehx pulsar if you wanted to spend less.

and bumping is pointless, especially if you have given insuficient information in your first post.