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Parker Theory of Bad
5 15%
the Bass
23 68%
6 18%
Voters: 34.
Yellow team submissions and its time to vote for your favourite:

So go here...


And vote for your favourite. As in past bass wars, please leave your constructive comments for the contenders. Without further ado here's the submissions.

chocolate Taco ~ Yellow ~ The Parker Theory of Bad

Tapping Tiger, Hidden Dragon ~Yellow ~ Squanto

someone shot the moon-yellow-the bass

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chocolate Taco ~ Yellow ~ The Parker Theory of Bad

it sounded totally improvised which could have been good if it was more confident and less rough. I felt that you didn't really know what to do so you hit and hoped for the best

Tapping Tiger, Hidden Dragon ~Yellow ~ Squanto

It has no structure to it. It could have been several great pieces if you had spent more time developing each idea but throwing them together like this makes for a weak piece

someone shot the moon-yellow-the bass

overall a very solid piece. there's nothing really i can pick up on that needs drastic improvement for the next round. The playing is a little sloppy but it's excusable

my vote for this round goes to:

someone shot the moon-yellow-the bass
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These are my favorite three... Ugh.
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Squanto, FTW.
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tough group D:
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Chocolate Taco was a good groove, but nothing else. It had no harmonically or melodically interesting ideas, and bass was hardly even present as a main instrument. Also, I felt the X-rated undertones were a little weird.

Tapping Tiger Hidden Dragon made absolutely no sense musically. It was several excerpts from several songs and was not a song in my mind.

Someone shot the moon had a GREAT sense of melody and the harmonies were very nicely placed as well. I liked the latin-y feel underlying in the song. I did feel that some of the passages were forced and could've been more natural. Some tracking issues/timing slip-ups, but nothing crazy. Overall really, really excellent. If anything I could give you in ways of advice it's to add a little more direction to the overall song. Other than that, it's easily the best piece I've heard in bass wars thus far, superb show.
I did enjoy chocolate taco. great groove. could've used a bit more to it as mentioned before, but it was a great groove.

Tapping tiger hidden dragon was ok. better than my tapping skill but i never practice them as i should. Each part in it's own was good although somewhat sloppy in places. Did sound like it was many parts just thrown together.

Someone shot the moon was great. This song alone would make me want to buy an album to see what else the artist had in store. really loved it. it gets my vote. would've made a great intro/interlude/outro track.
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The third one was the best, had what was needed no more no less, the right amount of melody, harmony and rhythm. I sensed the other two were just trying to impress than just making a artistic statement.
Everyone's already named most of it but i'll have a go

Chocolate taco, great grove, awesome for a chorus type thing but nothing more, if you expanded on it you could've made an awesome song.

Tapping tiger, a whole bunch of songs mashed together with no bridges in between riffs, didn't like it much but the last riff was pretty nice.

Someone shot the moon - Very nice, solid piece of work nothing to pick at except i felt the underlying guitarline could've been a bit more rhythmic while have the carried over tones.
Tough choice.

Chocolate Taco, Nice feel, could be worked on more, has good potential, and should be worked on to have some more sections to compliment.

Tapping Tiger, really good show of talent, don't really think much more of it than a kind of a live solo to show off your chops. very nice!

Someone Shot The Moon, Great melodic piece, could have used a bit more of a rhythmic backing, though I do like the kind of Pseudo free time kind of thing.
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