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3 12%
Tarquin St. Pontier
17 65%
6 23%
Voters: 26.
Blue team! So..submitted for your consideration here's the entries:

Go here: http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/basswarsv/music/

and vote for your favourite:

Lazy Ass Guy Can't Upload No Songs-blue-Spartacus

Waspstung Thumb - Blue- Tarquin St. Pontier

...infinity alone-blue-He

Remember only 7 days to vote.

And Humanity thought up the thread titles so blame him!
Lazy Ass Guy Can't Upload No Songs-blue-Spartacus
i really didn't like the thump/slap/pop rhythm =(

Waspstung Thumb - Blue- Tarquin St. Pontier
you definately showed some skill there, u brought everything

...infinity alone-blue-He
something about the eq on this track makes my head want to explode. it feels as if its coming from the back of my speakers. there could have been more variety

vote: tarquin blew everyone out of the water...
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Lazy Ass Guy Can't Upload No Songs was very rudimentary. I mean it in the nicest possible way, but it sounded like someone who had been playing slap for 6 months and knew a couple licks and slapped them together. I also didn't like the transitions, they seemed so random and the song had no flow at all. Again, I don't mean any offence even though it probably came off like I was just trying to shoot your ideas down.

Waspstung Thumb had it's share of timing issues that's for sure as well as some slip ups, but both can be allowed under the time constraints. It didn't really do it for me harmonically though. It seemed almost too simple. In the end it just came off as bass player trying to put everything he knew that was impressive together in one song. That said, I did like that the song had a good flow and actually made sense as a whole, which is my biggest complaint about the whole war thus far.

...infinity alone
was a very nice track melodically and harmonically. Some of the style choices I wouldn't have personally made, but it's good that you WERE making style choices. In the end, it's simple, effective and an easy listen. It's got my vote.