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2 6%
Mr. Rodriguez
23 70%
8 24%
Voters: 33.
It ain't easy being Green. So check out these bass wars submissions and vote!



Mr. Rodriguez's Happy Song - green- Mr. Rodriguez

FYI, i knew it was coming, but my comp finally froze on this bracket. had to reboot >:|

guitar pro 5? i felt this was just a failed attempt at a normal glorified bass line =(

Mr. Rodriguez's Happy Song - green- Mr. Rodriguez
this makes me feel oh so happy! yay you!

with the first option out of consideration, it came down to a dual between corndawg and Rodriguez. and i vote for rodriguez because it never stopped and kept me happy =) lolololollololololololl
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For Myanusisbleeding I felt that even though bass was in the forefront of the mix, it wasn't the main part of the song. That aside the song just wasn't that good. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it in terms of how it was played, but the idea was just very stale to me.

Mr. Rodriquez's Happy Song was interesting... It wasn't anything special, but it was an easy listen and had good melodic ideas and the chord structure, when there was one, was decent as well. Overall, I get the sense of it being very okay. Like the other song there wasn't anything specifically wrong with it, I just felt it could've been developed a little more. It is a very nice groove though, just a more thought out melody would've been nice, and, the words de jour, more FLOW and more DIRECTION.

is an enigma to me. This whole group is an enigma to me. I wasn't overly impressed by any of these songs, but I can't verbalize what is wrong with them. All I can say is flow and direction. There didn't seem to be a purpose to anything.

Overall, the happy song seemed to be the most solid musically, so it has my vote.
Mr. Rodriquez's Happy Song: I felt there was far too much emphasis on the drum track through the entire piece, and the chord progression was rather easy to for see. All in all probably I'd give it around a 5-6 outta 10.

Myanusisbleeding: I thought the song was pretty good until about 1:10 honestly, it stayed fresh to me, and wasn't boring, but after about 1:10, I think the author tried to push out something that was a bit beyond his range, as there were a few mistakes in there, and it just didn't seem to fit very well. Had it not been for the last little bit, I prolly would have given it an 8/10, but the last 20 seconds or so bring it down to about a 7ish.

.emetahsretupmoC: Probably my least favorite in the batch. I thought it felt rushed, like the author wasn't exactly sure where he was going to go with it in each section. I thought the tone didn't at all match the rhythmic style. There's a lot I personally would have done different to this particular piece. I give it probably a 4/5 outta 10.

Myanusisbleeding gets my vote, huzzah!