Country music uses pretty basic cords. I have never written a tab before. How do you do it and what are some of the basics to it. I would be writing tabs that show the chords you use not the solo tabs or anything like that. Can you guys give me some tips.
Pretty easy, just draw six horizontal lines to represent the guitar strings. The thickest string is the bottom line. Usually, however, chord charts in books/sheet music are tilted. Chords are sometimes drawn with the stings running vertically. Quick example of a G chord.

-------3------- This is regular tab. Chord charts in sheet music, just turn it so it runs
---------------- up/down. The top line is the thin string, the high E. The bottom line
--------------- is the thickest string, the bass E. On a chord chart, bass strings on the left.
--------------- Imagine its a drawing of the neck; the tuning pegs are at the top.
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