today, i was replacing my humbucker pickups with new dimarzio ones and came across a problem.
in the neck position, there were only two wires: white and bare.
When the black wire from the pickup is connected to the white wire in the guitar, and the bare wire from the pickup is connected to the bare wire in the guitar, i get sound, but it's weak and thin.
in the bridge position, there was only one wire: a white wire.
i connected the black wire to the white wire, and once again, i got sound but it's weak and thin.

if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.
sounds like you have unwanted coil splitting issues

if you have 5 wires on your dims (red, black, white, green and bare) then do this:

red wire on your pickup to white wire on your guitar

green wire on pickup to bare wire on pickup, and both of them to bare wire on guitar

then solder black and white on the pickup together

if thats not the wiring scheme for your pup then post back and im sure GGnA will endevour to help you
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thanks so much!
I'm assuming that that information is for the neck pickup.

the bridge is different though. there's only a white wire. would you know what to do with that?