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the Humanity
9 31%
1 3%
mr man face
6 21%
1st Duke
13 45%
Voters: 29.
Yeah...you knew that title was coming. Anyway vote for the best of the purple gang.


Layers on the low end - Purple - mr man face

messaround - purple - D.H.N.U

the humanity - Stroke of Luck (PURPLE)

Neuro-Linguistic Bass Distortion - Pink - 1st Duke

(yes, I know pink is not purple, the rest of the pink brigade bailed and will soon be banned...mwah!)
Layers on the low end - Purple - mr man face
3/5 at some points it came out of sink, and im not too fond of the thumping rhythm in the intro, and I was hoping for a little more creativity, different techniques, but for what it was, it did alright.

messaround - purple - D.H.N.U
i have always loved broken chord/harmonic stuff, but this seemed to drag on!

the humanity - Stroke of Luck (PURPLE)
great variety, took a while for me to get interested, but hey, i give a fair chance. was originally my pick for purple, but the submission of the pink one is making me reconsider...

Neuro-Linguistic Bass Distortion - Pink - 1st Duke

edit: voted 1st duke
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Layers on the low end was good in the sense that it had an awesome groove, but I felt it didn't develop itself into anything. At the beginning it really kicked, but after a while it was missing something melodically. It could've been really superb if the song developed into something more.

was alright at the beginning, but I could've stood to hear more widespread chords or chords higher up as it got a bit muddy. This really goes for the whole chordal part, I felt that the melody could've come out better if it was played in a higher range. As for the little style change, it was awkward and I didn't think it was very fitting. I didn't really "get" that part so to speak, I would've preferred to hear more development of the chordal idea. That part just seemed a little "twittery" and nonsensical almost.

Stroke of Luck
at the beginning with the chords was very good. It made a lot of musical sense. It was very simple, but also very effective. The build up or transition happened a little suddenly and somewhat awkwardly, but overall worked okay. The middle half (yeah) would have been better if the technique was a little cleaner. Excellent ending though.

Neuro-Linguistic Bass Distortion I liked the best. It wasn't musically my cup of tea, but as far as being an actual cohesive coherent song I think it worked the best. And for that simple reason, I voted for it.
Layers on the Low End: Neat concept with the layering with a delay modulator, but I think the piece focused FAR too heavily on it, and as a result suffered from a lack of musicality. It was very boring to me, very repetitious, and very just blah. All in all prolly a 6.5/10

Messaround: I think the general idea the author was going after was good, but the execution was flawed. There were definitely technique issues that needed to be worked out, and all in all it left a bland taste in my mouth the first time through. 5/10.

Neuro-Linguistic Bass Distortion: As a fuzz and a wah man, i love this piece, as a song concept and idea. As a bass solo piece I think its lacking somewhat, but its definitely the most fun piece I've heard of all those mp3s, 8.5/10.

Stroke of Luck: The chord progression was nice, the tone was bad. The transition from the first 1/2 to the second sounded like it was rushed/ill prepared. The faux ending was good though, but the strumming section sounded like it was just thrown in there, especially because the chords were kept the same over and over. about a 7ish/10

Neuro-linguistic gets my vote by a long shot.
"Neuro-Linguistic Bass Distortion"/"1st Duke" here. Thanks for the comments everyone. I feel my concept was better than my actual song. You can almost feel where I want the song to go, but you can hear I don't have the technology or ability to do it. Imagine some techno beats and a low end synth playing in the background and it would have felt better. In the end i'm pretty happy with it, it was my first song i've ever created and recorded.

And to the person who said "I'd love to see the pedal board that made this!"...

Probably the smallest multi effects pedal on the market! lol. I found a great website for tweaking this pedal and finding new tones that aren't in the manual.


Incase anyone is interested, that's the website.

Finally, some information on the song incase anyone is interested.

Tuning : ADGCF
Bass : Ibanez SR305
Strings : Second hand eBay mixture (three Olympia flatwounds(ADG), 1 Thomastik flatwound (C) and one Ernie ball guitar string (G string tuned to F).

Time to create the next song! Well done to everyone who took part in this round (Thanks for leaving on my own Team Pink )

EDIT : And that was soundclips from Derren Brown's Heist, discussing the Milgram Experiment. I felt like my song was a social experiment, how long could somebody suffer through my song because they were told to lol. Nah, I'm a psychology geek and I thought it would be cool to mix my two favourite things.
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