Whats up guys? I just joined a band and we plan on doing gigs once we get good enough, so I've been looking for a bigger, all tube amp to replace my vox AD30VT. We play mostly classic rock, some country, and some modern stuff like counting crows, so I need good cleans up to metallica-ish distortion. I placed an order yesterday for a "scratch 'n' dent" V50 Palomino from musiciansfriend for $300, and recieved an email today saying it is on backorder. I contacted customer service and they say (like I figured) that they probably wouldn't be getting anymore and my order would most likely be cancelled. I reply stating that I should be able to get a comparable amp for the same price, or some sort of deal to which they replied that I should call and they could probably work something out. My question for you guys is what sort of deal should I try and haggle or is it even worth my time? Obviously I want to spend as little as possible, but at the most maybe $500. We will probably be playing in small-large bars so I'm assuming something around a 50W combo would suffice and I want at least 2 channels and a footswitch. They did have some b-stock Crate V50's for $200, but I hear that the distortion isn't good. Thanks, and sorry for the long post.

Edit: Nevermind. I got an email today saying it shipped so hopefully it is right. According to UPS, they shipped 62lbs of something anyway.
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