Hi all!!
I have a specific request, hope sopmeone will be able to help as I can't seem to find anything on the net.... I play electric guitar but as I am travelling , i have to do woth a classical guitar.... I am kindof intermediate and still looking for good exercices. I need to practice my arpeggios and I am mainly interested in neo classical type arpeggios ... but cannot go over the 12th fret on a classical guitar so I am looking for a series of melodic arpeggios I could be playing and practicing with a classical guitar but up to the 12th fret ... would anyone have any exercice of this type ?
If not i'd love to have a nice "long" melodic run I can work on .... as you'll probably understand, melody is my main concern... I am just too bored if there is no melody :-) thanks a lot for any help you could give!!