ok, so im either playing one of the following:
Iron Man

Hello, i love you (the cure version)

goodbye, hello

for my schools talent show, but, my members dont liek tht, so they left, because they they were the death metal type
Why did you expect your band members, who you already knew were 'the death metal type,' to play iron man or a cure song?

Sounds like you shot yourself in the foot there, pal.
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And have you figured out yet -

Life goes by?
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y? because, i like death metal too, and i thought they would at least play iron man, but i was wrong lol
hmmm... well, I live in anderson but am probably too old for that. Anyways - some guys asked me over this to play with them sometime (think they were 15 or 16) - when you say school talent show, I have no idea what age range you're referring to. Anyways, this is the name of the guy on UG - whom you might ask: