ok if you have seen my previus post you know i am debating on which multi effect to buy and i decided to buy one of the boss me-50 or me-70 because i like that you don't always have to set presets for it. does anyone know of anything that sounds really bad about these pedals, also is there a significant reason to buy the me-70 over the me-50. i play mainly metal(metallica, slayer....)
I have the ME-50, and from what I hear, the wah is weak, and the compressor could be better. Other than that, I love all the different distortions. I think my main complaint is the lack of a mids control.
Most multi-fx units have the downfall of sounding REALLY processed, and the ME series is no exception. You can really tell that it's digital, and the quality isn't as up to snuff as say - a POD XT Live or a Boss GT8. If you're okay with super processed tones, then you'll be fine. The wah is cheap, though, and shouldn't be expected to sweep all that well.
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ok i dont minf processed tones that much and i already have a good wah i could put before it but is there much difference between the me-70 and me-50. the 70's more expensive so is it better?
hi, i find my me 50 in front of a avt marshall quite good but in front of my all valve marshalls its poor. looking for something else for the valve amps.