what kind of electric is good for doing the tom morello killswitch thing?

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There is no better guitar for that just one that has volume knob for each pickup and a three way switch or any with a killswitch.
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If you really want a killswitch, just get one installed on whatever guitar you're currently using. It's not that expensive, and just about any guitar can take it.
Although if you're very lazy with money to burn, I believe some Matons come with a killswitch built in.
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I put one on my Squier Strat, but it will work on really anything... and it cost me $3 to buy the switch so it's pretty cheap (installed it myself)
It will always work better with a killswitch than doing the "volume down on one mic"-toggle-switch-abuse that Tom Morello does. It works, of course, quite well, but you're going to run thru alot of toggle-switches if you're going to be doing like Morello or Buckethead.
A real killswitch is always better.
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