I actually bought Remora's (A small time band that im a fan of) CD off of it a couple months ago. I was damn god and I got it in a week.

Its altgrunge's band. I didn't notice his post above me.
I really don't see the point of this site. Seems like you can just do this stuff yourself and make more money than what the site would pay you. Plus, there would be so many other people's cds on there that it's unlikely that random people are going to stumble onto your cd and purchase it.
The same can be said for any of these type of sites, unless someone has heard the band before or seen them live they're not likely to buy a cd they just happen to come across.

My album is available on CDbaby, as was said a couple of posts ago they do help you with loads of different things, plus they can get your music onto iTunes etc.
So if someone that has heard you before wants to buy your cd, why not just deal with them directly? You can make money doing so. What do you mean by "loads of different things"... getting you up on itunes, ok... what else? I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just trying to understand the point and what you mean by "loads of different things"; it sounds like a vague advertisement.
Yeah I agree with your point, you do make more money dealing with people directly, selling cds at gigs.

They upload your songs to iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster and a number of other places. They are willing to actually help you if you have a problem, so I've heard.
I get the Anarchy Club albums off Cdbaby, I like the site.
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