I'm thinking about building a guitar some time but I don't want to be a noob (and waste money) by buying a body and neck. So... is it hard to do a body, is using a bandsaw or router hard if you're going by a template? How about a neck, especially the back? Also, is it much harder to do a set neck or a neckthrough than a bolt on?
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It's really easy if you have a bandsaw or a router. I use a router to cut out all of my bodies, using a template I make with a jigsaw or band saw.

Necks are easy if you take your time and plan ahead. Especially easier if you have a template. The back, is easy, if you get a spoke shave your set. Just learn to use it first.

Neck through is the easiest, there is no need for a mortise and tennon or a neck joint.
I've never made a neck but I'd have to agree that a neck-through seems like it would be the easiest to make; there's no joint or pocket to make, which would have to be very precisely cut.
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I think the body is the easiest. The neck requires a lot of shaping and stuff by hand. It takes a lot of time and is very tedious. Pre built necks are good if you don't want to mess with it. But if you are very patient and have the right tools I say go for it!