Hey I've recently been getting into the whole classical guitar thing..and I'm looking for some uhh kinda deep depressing instrumental (or not) songs to play on a classical guitar. I'm not necessarily looking for songs that were originally played on a classical guitar..just a song that I would be able to play on it (such as moonlight sonata)
The first part of To Bid You Farewell by Opeth is played on a classical, and is fairly easy and sad.
I learned the Schindler's List theme song on classical guitar (not violin) not too long ago. That was classical and depressing (in a good way).


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I disagree Slipknot is more technical than Necrophagist and more brutal than Suffocation, that's why I do hardcore dances to it with my 14 year old friends.
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Opeth - Benighted
Jamie Mirtenbaum Zenamon - Milongita

I recommend you to play many romantic pieces (from Schubert and stuff) if you're interested in melancholic tunes.