So I need an acoustic bass for playing with two acoustic guitars unplugged and for playing at coffee shops which needs to be heard over vocals and one acoustic guitar, I want it to be heard unplugged with the two acoustics but I am playing plugged in @ the coffee shop. My limit is $400 and under, it also can't look gay and have snakes and **** on the fret board :/

Im buying this online so I am trusting you all 100%. So please know what your talking about before posting (I remember last time I asked for something here some idiot said the Schecter Stiletto was better quality than my Spector NS-2 )
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I have of the low end Dean EAB's (I believe that's what they're called). They're nice and loud, but dean recently had to reship quite a few for neck problems, once of which was mine. The note on the 14th fret of the G was nonexistent. But I've heard good reviews. just gotta hope you dont get one of the ones that had the neck problem.
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At the local coffee shop I used to go to, they had tons of bass players, but I've never seen an acoustic one. They just brought their electrics plugged in (Direct Input, almost ALL places with have this) through the PA. Same with the acoustics, just mic'd. As a bassist, I would recommend not buying an acoustic bass.
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Maybe just buy a D.I Box? Go into that then straight into the P.A.

You wouldn'tneed an amp, and everyone could hear you through the monitors.....

Your better off buying a second hand sansamp RBI. Trust me, you'll use it alot more than an acoustic bass. ANNNNNNDDDDDD you'll thank me one day if you do
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I've got a greg bennett ab-2, and it's fairly loud if you use a pick, but i don't know that it'd be enough to keep up with two guitars..
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If you can find one for $400 used, get a Tacoma Thunderchief. I own one and is one of only two ABGs that has the unplugged volume to work with two acoustic guitars. The other one is the Taylor, which is $2000 on a good day. All others--you will find them not loud enough. I've tried the Epiphones, Martins, Yamahas, Fenders, Deans--even Guilds--they are meant to be plugged in, which defeats the purpose. The Thunderchief is the only one in your price range--I own one, and it is awesome for unplugged coffeehouse gigs. Mine was $500 with the E3 electronics (a bonus, in case you do need extra volume) but I'm sure if you snoop around you'll find one without electronics for $400 or thereabouts. Do not get the Olympia knockoff--they are not the same. The Olympia has a different bracing inside, so it is not as loud. Get the Thunderchief!
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Check out some Ibanez acoustic basses.
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What you're looking for is something with a big body and a bridge that's not at the end of the bass. This Johnson is a good example:

Here's what I've found:

Johnson has a very good selection...the Cutaway model will be plenty loud.

Agile has a very good looking model here:

The Ibanez AEB might get you by.

This Laguna would work quite well:

And lastly, the Ovation CC2474:

Here's the order I'd put them in, best to worst:
Johnson Cutaway
The other two johnsons
Agile and Ovation
Laguna and Ibanez

The best value is the Agile, by far.
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I have an Ibanez acoustic and i love it so much

Its right around 300, or 200 if you buy it from musiciansfriend.com
Not a badd bass, needs a set up when you recieve it though, badly
I had the dean EAB it was absolutely gigantic and still didn't project loudly enough to get over a single acoustic guitar.

Yeah, an acoustic looks neat and all, but you'd probably be much better off just buying something like the pignose hog amp. Little guy can go anywhere, run for hours and hours on battery, and people will actually be able to hear you.
I didn't pay special attention to the finish and it's now sold. It could keep up with folky fingerpicking, but not strumming with a pick.

I finally got nice action out of thing. If I wanted to not have any dead spots on the neck though, the action had to be adjusted to where any aggresive playing would result in some fret buzz--so using a strong picking technique for added volume was out. Granted, this was just on my bass, but the EABs are notorious for neck issues and tricky set ups, so I figured it was probably a real common thing.

Felt alright considering it was a giant monster, and I love the idea of grab and go, but it just couldn't cut it with any of the friends that I like to play acoutic sets with.
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I actually played one of those Johnsons today. It was one of the non-cutaway ones, don't know which, though. It seemed rather nice, if lacking in bass and volume in general.

Is it possible that the lack of bass resonance might be made less noticeable with some less bright strings? Thefitz said a while back that flatwounds make a boxy acoustic sound boxier, but I don't think this really sounds that boxy.
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i also have an ibanez acoustic bass and i love it but i don't think you would be able to hear it over two guitars and vocals