so i just got this recording set thing that came with cubase ai and a yamaha audio codec. on the instructions it says you can hook a guitar directly to the codec and record from there. if i hook up my electric guitar at half volume on the guitar, it sounds good but when i hook my acoustic up you get this buzzing sound.
i also want to find a way to hook my amp directly to the computer/codec. i tried going through the speaker out on my amp and on the clean channel it sounds fine but when i try the gain channel it gets really heavily distorted.
is there anything i should be doing to fix these problems?
well first, don't ever use a speaker out for anything else than speaker, use the line out. If you don't have a line out you will have to buy a mic and an interface
Is there a decible pad, or any other pad on your preamp? Use the line out or headphone jack from your amp into your preamp instead of the speaker outs ( I've done that before and it almost killed my mbox) Other than that.........workarounds, troubleshoot......you'll get it some way or another........CUBASE is awesome
ugh i dont have a line out for some reason. well what kinda mic would work good cuz whenever i record with a mic it sounds like crap. and im not sure about the decible pad thing i dont think there is but honestly i dont know what that is :P
what mic are you using?
There's the shure SM 57 that's a good, low priced mic (about 100$) Senheiser also makes great mics. Then you will have to get a usb interface with XLR inputs (don't know much interfaces)
ok well one more thing, it sounds fine to go thru the speaker out on my amp on the clean chennel so is that ok or should i not risk it?
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