Ok...I am finally gonna man up and try to learn this song...To me i think its a hard song and i was wondering what am i gonna need to do to play this song? And techniques or tips or tricks,hints...anything? If you have found something to make the song easier please let me know thank you.
work on your pull offs and picking. The whole main riff is like arpeggios almost your just outlining chords
its pretty demanding physically. it takes some stamina and it requires some good, fluent alternate picking skills. good luck

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I find it to be a lot easier to fingerpick it. either way, it's easy if you go slow at first and then speed up
Ok...So run through it slow first and get used to it and continue to build speed.Anything else?
To learn it I basically punched it into my brain. I played it whenever I had free time, and now I can do it somewhat fluently if I give it a shot.

If I move too fast I sometimes even sweep over the notes. But get down the picking pattern, that is the tough part.
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