well igot a guitar for christmas and one of the pickups is shot. Anything i can do my self? i cant afford to replace them
Return them???
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^^^Yeah tell your parents that its broke so you and them can go to the store and figure something out.
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Go through the top of the guitar (under pickguard), or go through the back of the guitar, wire might be unhooked from the pickup, or may need to sauder the thing. If not, take it somehwere.
how do you know it's shot? they usually can't die. check all the wires inside and see if any have disconnected or came loose.
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open up the control plate of the guitar and look around to see if there are any loose or broken connections. If you see a flaw it can most likely be fixed with a soldering iron, if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself get a tech to do it, shouldn't cost for then 15 bucks or so.

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